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Spring Lake Village Hall
102 West Savidge Street
Spring Lake, MI 49456

Phone: (616) 842-1889
Fax: (616) 846-4971
What are the parking regulations?
Overnight Parking: No overnight parking is allowed on any street in the Village of Spring Lake or the City of Ferrysburg between November 1st and April 1st. This is to assist our Department of Public Works for snow removal. If there is no snow during this time, the parking restrictions are still in effect.

Violations: Violators of these rules will receive a written citation. The citations can be mailed or dropped off to the Village of Spring Lake/City of Ferrysburg Police Department. Fines and conditions are listed on the citation.
*If a fine is not paid it can be re-issued on a Uniform Traffic Citation, where failure to pay would result in the suspension of your drivers license and a higher fine.

Where do I go to obtain a Purchase Permit for a hand gun?

If you are a resident of the Village of Spring Lake or City of Ferrysburg you need to come to the Police Department located at 102 W. Savidge Street. If you are a resident of Spring Lake Township you need to go to the Ottawa County Sheriffs Department located at 12220 Fillmore Street, West Olive Michigan.

FOR CITY/VILLAGE RESIDENTS: Come to the police department with a valide picture ID such as a driver's license. You will be asked to pass a firearm safety test. A crimnal records check will also be conducted. Once the test and records check are completed, a permit will be issued and it MUST be used within 10 days or it is void. Once you have purchased your hand gun you MUST bring it to the police department, unloaded with the purchase permit where a safety inspection is completed and the weapon is approved. A safety inspection certificate will then be issued to you. The safety inspection certificate allows you to own the gun. This is NOT a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Go-Peds and Motorized Scooters:
These fall under the definition of a Moped MCL 257.32b.  You must be 15 years of age with a special moped license.  Go-ped or motorized scooter must also be registered with the Secretary of State to be driven on the road.  They can not be driven on sidewalks or bike paths.  Not all of these units can be registered because of the requirements.  If you have any questions please call us.

How do I obtain a Personal Protection Order?
These are obtained through the Ottawa County Circuirt Court in the Grand Haven Court House.

Silent Observer - (616) 842-1400

Other Local Law Enforcement Agencies
Ottawa County Jail - (616) 738-4092
Ottawa County Sheriff's Office - (616) 738-4000
Grand Haven Department of Public Safety - (616) 842-3460
Michigan State Police Grand Haven - (616) 842-2101